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Within four years of this journey, we would like to share with you what we have achieved with these moments.


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How Kobe Works

Pre-Preparation (90 Mins Canva)

Finding out brand’s needs, requirements as well as the marketing direction is an essential preparation before creating a campaign. Using our trademarked Kobe Influence Canvas, we have a group of content specialist to understand your brand’s story, your customer and your campaign objective.

You will be able to achieve your marketing goals with this insightful preparation!

Create a Campaign

Create a Campaign for your brand through storytelling to capture the attention of your target audience. Kobe will provide you with an all end-to-end package from designing campaign content that is tailored for your marketing objectives to influencer management and after campaign analysis.

With our committed team of specialist, we will ensure that your campaign leaves a positive long-lasting impression for your customers.

A.I Influencer Matching

With our trustable patented Artificial Intelligence Technology, Kobe will match your brand with the most relevant and relatable Influencers through the analysis millions of unique data points such as Demographics, Interest, Lifestyles as well as Needs.

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Go Live + Weekly Report

The post will go live at the most optimal date and time!

Our team of specialist will collect all the datas and reactions every week so that you will be able to receive the latest update about your campaign. We will make keeping track easier for your brand!

Analyze the Result

It’s not the end yet!

At the end of the campaign, you will enjoy our after-sales service where our dedicated team of specialist will collate and share all the results as well as recommendations with you so that you will be able to see the overview of the entire timeline.

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“Through our recent partnership, Kobe has displayed traits of professionalism in ensuring that quality work was delivered. The essence behind the work of what Kobe delivers is aligned with their core values of authenticity.“

OETEOWilson Teo

“…very impressed. Kobe’s knowledge, professionalism, and attentiveness to our brand and messaging. I would recommend Kobe for anyone looking to boost their online brand in a unique and effective way”


“Kobe’s everyday influencers showed a great connection and interaction with their followers evident through their conversations… they were able to exceed the engagement rate by 10 times of what we were promised.”

Youth CorpsCrystal

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